For the love of a lousy buck...

"I saw thousands
who could have overcome the darkness
For the love of a lousy buck
I watched them die"
-Bob Dylan

June 10, 2013 at 10:47am

Speaking with a list: Music Monday

  • Jason Isbell is my new thing. I’ve known and listened for years but the dude is coming into his own. Listened to his show on Outlaw Country (Sirius) a couple of times over the weekend. Preordered his new one on iTunes. A song called Elephant has me grabbed.
  • 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) is one of the shittiest songs by a great songwriter ever.
  • If you’re a cover band playing in a bar and you choose to play a Tom Petty song (and you will), please don’t make it “Yer So Bad” and please don’t attempt to sing it in a terrible Tom Petty voice.
  • But if in spite of all the alarm bells going off in your head you do decide to do all of that, don’t pretend it wasn’t a terrible Petty impression. No one thinks that’s how you really sing.
  • Yer So Bad is possibly the second shittiest song written by a, um, decent songwriter.
  • Since major record labels no longer exist for all intents and purposes, the chances of a talented musician hitting it big are roughly the same as (and as random as) hitting the lottery. It’s true the labels pushed a lot of crap and shut out some good people but at least the good people knew what the game was, where it was played and where the door was. Now, it’s completely random. It’s like baseball without the minor leagues or the NFL without college football.
  • If you were a baseball player looking to get discovered and your only option was to play a pick-up game with your friends in a schoolyard, the good news is that no one can stop you. The bad news is that no one can find you.
  • It used to be that you toured to support a record but now there’s no money in recording. Then, you’d record so you could tour. It still works if your famous but pretty much only then. The little guys get their lunch eaten at every turn.
  • I guess they’re supposed to make their money selling t-shirts. They thought they were in the music biz but it turns out they’re in the clothing biz.
  • James McMurtry said, “I thought I was a songwriter. It turns out I’m a beer salesman.”
  • Who’s to blame? I don’t know but it’s be great if we’d all pay for music and do it as close to the artist as we can. If you’re a real professional performing musician, I’d love your thoughts.


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