For the love of a lousy buck...

"I saw thousands
who could have overcome the darkness
For the love of a lousy buck
I watched them die"
-Bob Dylan

October 23, 2012 at 7:31pm

snootchybootchz asked: What are some of your favorite cigars?

Most Cubans but I can rarely get them and as you’ll read, I refuse to spend big money on cigars. That’s what wine is for. The ones I mostly smoke are small Cohibas. Six to a box. I love big cigars but I don’t have the time or patience for them. There are some Vilagers out of Switzerland that are Domincan and super cheap ($7 for 5 of them) that are pretty good. Also, I don’t smoke as many as it seems here or on Instagram. I just make sure I photograph myself each time I do. Probably some deep Freudian thing that would make both of us cross our legs.


  1. snootchybootchz said: I prefer the smaller cigars for the same reason.
  2. yperspective said: I used to love me some Partagas. Yum.
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